Jonathan Creek

These days I’m watching the classic BBC series «Jonathan Creek» on dvd. If you want to watch good TV it’s what’s needed, especially now that Play has it on-offer with 24€ for the total series (9 dvds).


Jonathan Creek is the coolest detective of all times: has long hair, lives in a windmill and works as a designer for magical tricks. Apart from this he is exceptionally smart and can solve the most bizare cases: because the cases he gets into seem in the beginning impossible to solve – men murdered in locked rooms, corpses in strange places, etc.

The script is great, Alan Davies wonderful and the title music sticks into your mind. The series was succesful in the UK with 5 seasons, while new episodes are being filmed occasionally. Another great BBC series.

Find it in dvd and enjoy good tv (play has an offer for all 9 dvds for 24€).


Jonathan Creek in wikipedia
Webpage devoted to «Jonathan Creek»



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