Capella Sistina

A new book is trying to put on-paper and analyze the biggest masterpiece of western art.

«If some hasn’t seen Capella Sistina he cannot conceive what man is capable off», Ghoethe has said and I agree totally. The small chappel of the Vatican is the top of the western art, an impressive, complex, breathtaking piece of art. Inside the relatively small area of the ceiling, Michellangelo managed to narate amazing stories from the Bible, creating unforgetable scenes. And all this, with the fresco technique, that allows really no margin for error. Not many global works of art can be compared with this size, technique and plain vision (what comes to mind are the Byzantine pictures in the Saint Sophia church in Konstantinople – an eastern view on the subject).

If you have the money and you want to dig deep, it really worths buying «The Sistine Chapel: A New Vision» by Henrich W. Pfeiffer that is enjoying rave reviews. The paintings at your fingertips, along with lots of comments and analysis. I browse through it and really worths the close to $100 tag… although I do believe it’s always better to travel to Rome and see for yourself.

«The Sistin Chapel: A New Vision» in Amazon

«Young Michelangelo»



2 responses to “Capella Sistina

  1. It looks like you are a true expert. Did you study about the theme? hrhr

  2. I’m not really an expert! I have visited Capella Sistina and I admire Michelangelo a lot though, so I can safely tell you that this book is one of the best in the market. Still nothing beats visiting the real thing, which we tend to forget when we spent 100€ just for a book 🙂


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