Gilbert & George: No, this is not art

Where Belbo is reading about the most boring case of global art and wondering why the buzz…

No, not everything is art as much as they’re trying to persuade us for it: there is not going to be a second Praxitelis, Michelangelo, Picasso, not a second Capella Sistina, Guernica and no taking pictures of youself processing and selling them is not art.

I’m reading with increased curiocity lately articles in magazines & newspapers about Gilbert & George: interviews, presentations, it really catches the attention, until someone realizes… what this is about. One of the most boring cases of global art: a British couple, wearing suites are taking (for the last 30 years) the same photos of themeselves, processing them and selling them to «collectors» & modern art museums with money to spent.

They claim to have started as «living sculptures», they go everywhere together always costumed – so what? why do we care? I’m not going to bore you with the boring «soup» that is being sold as art: look on the internet for their «paintings»: the two of them dressed in costumes, in a series of settings, looking full of boredom to the viewer who is trying to figure-out what is happening.

And newspapers & magazines? no opinion? their role seems to be more & more just to present the PR releases they’re getting,





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