The classic Penguin covers

What can anyone say about Penguin? The most famous pocket book publisher in the world formed the thinking of a whole generation of readers, with an unparallel collection of titles in a practical shape (could fit practically everywhere). This is how I get to know the British & American classics, but also parts of modern literature as well: drawn-in the pages in trains, airplanes, even the couch of my house.

Their covers is another interesting story. The pocket book format enjoyed a bigger creative freedom (compared to their more «serious» bigger brothers) and gradually their covers developed into small works of art: breakthrough, unique, special.

Below is a small selection from the massive Penguin collection. It is really worth to look for Penguin in bookstores (of old & new tites), they are soon going to be collectible.

A good collection of covers at flickr
The history of Penguin at Wikipedia
The design of Penguin Books



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