Mount Athos

The last issue of National Geographic contains amazing photos full of the magic of this holly place.

The legend that is talked among the monks of Mount Athos (Holly mountain) says that whenever the Holly mountain will seize to exist, the end of the world will come. True or not, reality is that time has really stopped in this place. The National Geographic crew is transfering us to a unique universe, where spirituality is the only target and whatver has to do with the body is left behind.

«The holy peninsula of Mount Athos reaches 31 miles out into the Aegean Sea like an appendage struggling to dislocate itself from the secular corpus of northeastern Greece. For the past thousand years or so, a community of Eastern Orthodox monks has dwelled here, purposefully removed from everything except God. They live only to become one with Jesus Christ. Their enclave—crashing waves, dense chestnut forests, the specter of snowy-veined Mount Athos, 6,670 feet high—is the very essence of isolation.«

starts the National Geographic article. The crew, spelled by the landscape and the people, talk about a community of 2,000 people that flourishs again, most of them with College degress, that find in the Mount Athos what they couldn’t find in society: an alternative and meaningful way of life.

An amazing article that you shouldn’t miss.


The National Geographic article about Mount Athos
Photographs from the article




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