Simon Bolivar – a different orchestra

Gustavo Dudamel and his orchestra in full swing

Where there is talent and passion, music reinvents itself and new things come-up, like the Bolivar orchestra and Gustavo Dudamel.

You probably have heard about them! They haven’t recorded as much as the LSO or the Berlin Philarmonic (not even close!), but this new orchestra from Venezouela has really shaken the classical music world. Because it’s really impressive in a few years to have the whole world talking about you.

Because the Bolivar orchestra is a different type of orchestra. It was founded in 1975 from an economist, as part of a bigger project to guide young people from violence to music. The result? 140 (if I’m not mistaken) orchestras all around Venezouela with more than 110,000 young people playing music! Thus, an orchestra with teenagers that knows how to play good music.

The start of the orchestra however, is no other than the artistic director (former maestro) Gustavo Dudamel. Dudamel who is now considered one of the biggest talents in the world of classical music, started in this orchestra to become the director of Los Angeles philarmonic. His unique style (see below) helps, but the guy is really a great musician above anything else.

Look for their Deutsche Grammophone recordings, they sound something like the following:

Recordings of the Bolivar orchestra with Deutsche Grammophone
Gustavo Dudamel on wikipedia



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